Work In USA. Your Key to Finding Work in America

So you want to know how to find work in USA companies and industries. 

You may have heard how great it is to work in America. And it’s true…the opportunities are practically endless but in order to succeed you need to know a few somewhat controversial things. We've already covered the basics—like getting a work visa and how to actually find a job. This page is different.

Here we’re going to explore some of the unspoken things to help succeed.

Brutally Speaking: Fit In or Get Out

Americans are a clannish bunch. They like people that are just like them. While any good business knows diversity makes for a stronger organization—there's a fine line a manager has to walk to hire people that mix well with her team.

You can be you. And you should be.

However, it's best not to bring up politics, religion and other controversial topics in the workplace. And while companies need your unique abilities, try to fit in as best as possible. 

“This is America. Speak English!”

Speaking more than one language is essential for America to grow. Only 18% of Americans know a foreign language, compared to 53% of Europeans. If you speak and/or write in something other than English, we definitely need your language skills. Work in USA companies demands it.

That being said, Americans love their English—and expect everyone to speak it. A gallup poll stated that 77% of Americans feel it’s crucial for a foreigner to know English. While you don’t have to speak it perfectly—a lot of Americans don’t!—you should be able to hold a conversation in English.

Work in USA: Personal Space, Hygiene and Dress

When speaking your fluent English, be sure to keep a small distance between you and the person with whom you are speaking. American conversations are usually held at arm’s length. 

And on the note...

If I may be candid, American’s are known to shower and shampoo every day. While I’m certainly not assuming you smell, it’s best to appear presentable and clean. This includes no strong perfume or cologne. 

Additionally, dressing for success is equally important. Study how the employees dress in the company or the industry for which you want to work. You should dress similarly.

In Summary

America is ripe with opportunity. As a foreigner, companies and organization in the United States need your talent. It's critical to their success. Using these simple tips, you can succeed and thrive in a job working in the USA.

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