Simply Hired Combines Many Job Search Sites to Help You Find a Job...That Might Be Just Right

One of the things I like about Simply Hired is that the jobs they show are not from just one source:  They pull in jobs from many other sites. You can go to and find postings listed on LinkedIn, MoneyJobs, Careerbuider just to name a few.

They do a really good job at pulling from multiple job bank sources.  Which is great leverage for you

Set Up an Easy-as-Pie Job Alert’s page design is very simple.  And remember, simple is good.

I’ve mentioned simplicity throughout this site, specifically when talking about your resume and cover letters:  Keep it simple!

And, Simply Hired is simply that...simple!

With just a few clicks you can search for jobs and have any new job postings sent to your email -- in a SimplyHired simple job alert.

Take that a step further and you can apply for those jobs just as easy.  All online and even from your phone.

Simply Hired: Just Jobs...All Jobs!

Unlike their competitor CareerBuilder, Simply Hired doesn’t offer a lot by way of job industry tools, tips and know-hows.

Sure, they have a decent Blog written by freelance writers throughout the industry but for the most part their site is about jobs. And a lot of them!

Their claim to fame is to simply build the “largest online database of jobs on the planet.”

There’s no need for a lot of industry stuff at Simply Hired.

Great Mobile App

For you iPhone users, Simply Hired’s mobile app is, in my opinion, easier than their web site. There’s not much fluff--actually no fluff--to get in the way of getting good job search results. 

  1. Enter a job title, skill or other job search criteria.
  2. Enter your zip code or city/town.
  3. Hit search.
Simply Hired Find a Job

It's that easy!  Once you find a job you like hit the save button so you can apply later and then you can continue going through the pages and pages of jobs to find more.

(At this time, I haven’t tested their Droid app but if it’s anything like the iPhone’s you’re probably in for an equally good job search tool. If you have experience with it shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts.)

Making Mobile Magick

The technology that exists today is amazing. Talk about magick! But there are other ways you can use your Smartphone to create real magick in your life.

As we've stated before, helping others is one of the quickest ways to getting what you want.

The above quote from the famous self-improvement writer and lecturer, Dale Carnegie, sums it up well.

How can you turn magick?

Using today's technology and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can give you instant access to the law of threefold. Yes, you can use these sites to find a job--more on that later--but instead trying using your mobile device to help others. 

  • In your job search have you found a job that might not be right for you but might be just right for one of your contacts? Send to her!
  • Is one of the recruiters in your LinkedIn contacts desperately trying to fill a position for something which you are not qualified? Share it in your Facebook news feed.

Making magick for yourself is making magick for others.

While your helping of others in their quest to find a job (or fill a position etc.) will only reap benefits for you, your intent must be genuine. Keep it real. There's a subtle difference in helping others for the purpose of helping yourself and helping others to just help.

Be selfless. That's where the magick lies!

Bigger Doesn't Always Mean Better

While can be a simple and powerful job search tool some may feel intimidated by the mountain of job results. Even I admit, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

While a lot of postings may be a good thing, better quality is best. It’s not that they lack good quality; it’s just that you may have to pick out a lot of weeds in order to find the fruit. 

More jobs might increase your chances of finding a job but it's up to you to make each job you apply for really count.

The Robo Apply Trap

As I mentioned, Simply Hired uses a lot of other sites--some even from the other Best Job Search Sites we’ve discussed.  Therefore, there's a lot of competition--others just like you--looking for a job.

You may have to work a little harder to make yourself stick out amongst the others who "simply" robo apply.

What is robo apply?

The simpler to find a job posting, the simpler to apply and the easier to send junk to Human Resource departments who are just looking for good, qualified candidates.

Some applicants might say, “Eh, even though I don’t really’s worth a shot.”  Click... apply!

Hiring managers may become inundated with too many bogus, non-qualifying candidates.  Therefore they have to have a database to sift through them all.  And even after the database is done they still may need to cut more. Sometimes it’s easier to say no than it is to at least give someone a chance at an interview.

Which, in turn, makes it even more important that your resume, cover letter and attitude best reflect your true self and make you shine.

Just because something is easier to apply for doesn't mean you shouldn't spend time customizing your cover letter and resume for that one job you’re posting for. Guaranteed it’ll make you stand out!

True, finding a job can be a numbers game.  You have to apply for many more jobs than you’ll even get a bite at.  All the more reason to increase your chances of at least getting at the standing gate.  How?  By being your best.

In a Nutshell...

Simply Hired is a definite must for your job search.  Just be sure to balance the numbers game and don’t robo apply to every single job that merely sounds good. Be unique. Be you!

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