How To Find Proven Jobs....Use the SmartPhone App to Find a Job in 20 Minutes or Less

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The other day waiting at the dentist's office, I decided to check out some Proven jobs using's iPhone app.

Long and short: I signed up for Proven's service, searched, found a good match, made a cover letter, uploaded my resume, applied and received a confirmation email from the employer—all in less than 20 minutes! 

(In fairness to my dentist’s office, usually they don't having me waiting that long but I was a tad early and they were short-staffed.)

On a recommendation from a friend, I had previously downloaded the app but hadn't gotten around to finding Proven jobs. 

Here's my review...

Step 1: Signing Up

(Sitting in the dentist's waiting room. 2:21 p.m.)

Upon launch, the impresses with a nice, clean interface.

You can use your FaceBook credentials to login or you can create a new account with Proven. I opted to create my own account; I'm not one for posting my Internet activity all over FaceBook. But had I chosen to use the FaceBook approach, it probably would have shaved off a minute or so.

Sign up was simple. And I got a nice little welcome email informing me how to find a job and to "get started now" find Proven jobs.

Step 2: Creating a Resume

(The receptionist sprinkles some food in the fish tank. 2:25 p.m.)

Proven offers several ways to create a resume. One is to type in all your information into a set of predefined fields. I started this way. Had I continued, it would have taken me far longer than my tight time limit allowed.

Instead I chose to grab my resume from my Mozy account and email it to Proven.

Find a Job 411: Find Proven Jobs Using SmartPhone App

I immediately got an email informing me that their "robot gnomes" were diligently processing my resume. They said they need ten minutes...a minute later I got my download code.

I clicked back into the Proven app to review my resume. It looked perfect!

Step 3: Making a Cover Letter

(The receptionist tells me they're running a little behind. Alright by me...I'm finding a job! 2:31 p.m)

Proven's cover letter creation options aren't as plentiful as their resume choices. All you get is a blank window to type your letter. To save time, I chose to find a cover letter I had stored in the cloud. I found the letter on Mozy (which took some 3G is dreadfully slow), copied the text, and went back to Proven and pasted it.

Cover letter done!

Step 4: Finding a Job

(The man next to me is called. He throws his Sports Illustrated on the top of the magazine pile and leaves me alone with Bill Belichick staring up at me. 2:40 p.m.)

The app offers two filters to search Proven jobs: Craigslist and SimplyHired. (Both robust choices for a job search which I've covered in previous articles.) 

I chose Craigslist, searched for writers in Boston found a freelance assignment saved it to my favorites—a nice little feature by the way.

Then I went on to using the SimplyHired filter. SimplyHired is—in and of themselves—a job search aggregator with its own pool of job sources. I found a couple of good jobs but in order to apply I then had to create an account on another site. 

(I didn't have time. I could sense my hygienist sharpening her dental pick.)

I went back to my Favorites, found the Craigslist assignment I had saved and clicked the "Apply" button. Then I chose the "Quick Apply" option which created a slick email using my cover letter as the body and attached my resume as a Word document.

I was impressed. It looked good! 

I made a few tweaks to the cover letter for this assignment.

And I hit Send.

Step 5: Wrapping Up

(My name is called. 2:44 p.m.)

As I got up to walk down the hall to meet my hygienist, I received a confirmation email from the recruiter. 


In Summary

What I like best about Proven jobs is the simplicity. Sure I could have searched Craigslist myself, found the same job and crafted an email just as easy but now my cover letter and resume are saved in my Proven app for use next time. 

Plus one can also leverage SimplyHired's extensive job bank.

Also, I now receive phone alerts every time a job comes up that might be a good fit. (You can shut this off if you want.)

What I wasn't crazy about was Proven's limitations on cover letter creation. Similar choices of tapping into other web services, like they have for creating a resume, would be useful. Also, the bad resume I initially created—using the predefined fields—is still out there. I don't like that in order to delete it I need to connect my FaceBook account and tell at least five friends about their service.

Other than’s a great find!

You can find Proven jobs in less than 20 minutes. Their app is a time saver, great for multitask lovers and a quick and simple job search tool. 

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