Nevada Job Search Resources

What Nevada job search specific do you need to find a job?

Let's work a little magick and find out.

Conducting a search is not unlike searches you would do in other states (which you can check out here). 

But, whether you're in Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson or Wells, there are these tried-and-true resources:

  • Nevada One-Stop Career Center
  • Nevada Job Connect
  • Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
  • NEATS (Nevada Employee Action & Timekeeping System)
  • Jobs in Las Vegas

Does your Nevada job search need some extra oomph? Here are some magical tips that will definitely be a game changer.

How YOU are the Only Resource for a Nevada Job Search

Singlehandedly YOU are the best resource for finding a job in Nevada. Use this little exercise below to help you discover THE right job...

Five Minutes to a Better Job: This Can Be a Game Changer

Why aren't you where you want to be in your career? 

Take five or ten minutes on this exercise. It will truly open the door to what's holding you back.

C'mon, it's only five minutes.

Ask yourself, "What are the reasons I can not find (or do not have) the career I want?" Write this question on the top of a piece of paper and without over thinking the answers start writing down whatever comes to mind.

Keep It Private! Throw Away What's Holding You Back!

Write a list of all the most negative attitudes and reasons as to why you can't be where you want to be.

Really dig deep. Don’t filter yourself. This is a private exercise. No one needs to see your answers.

Once you're done writing out an exhaustive list, look it over. Your responses are all your limiting beliefs. True or false, the fact that you believe them is what is holding you back not so much the actual reason.

Next, on a separate piece of paper restate the negative beliefs into positive ones.

For example...

Limiting negative belief: I suck at math!

Positive belief: Every day I am getting better and better math,

You may not believe the new positive beliefs, just yet but it's important that you start to believe.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "We become what we think about all day long."

You see, if you keep telling yourself you suck at math you're just making it worse. 

Once you've gone through your entire list of limiting beliefs and rephrased them into positive ones, tear up your initial list--the negative beliefs.  And tell yourself:

I am letting go of the past and dispelling all limiting beliefs.

This exercise can be quite liberating. Do it for other areas of your life. The results could be profound...real magick!

Click here for other Nevada job search tips.

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