Find a Job and More Using Monster Job Search

Running a Monster job search is one of just many things you can do at  They also provide resume advice and a host of other job resources, like salary ranges by job and career planning.

They recently acquired Yahoo Hot Jobs and now have a huge stake in the Internet job search market.

That being said.  They’re not my favorite of the job search engines that are out there.  I think some of the others provide more conclusive job search results--take SimplyHired, for instance. But Monster shouldn’t be neglected in your job search.

Career Mapping Your Monster Job Search

Monster tries to be cutting edge and, as I mentioned, be more than just a place to find a job.

Take Career Mapping, their new-ish feature.  Here you can find the most common paths others have taken in getting up that next rung on the ladder.

In theory...sounds great.

In practice, the interface is a bit clunky.

Career Mapping at Monster is intended to give you a visual roadmap toward getting to that next Monster job.  Here you can build your path and take the next likely step.

As of 2014, this feature is still in the early (beta) stages and is bit clumsy.  The concept sounds good but Monster appears to still be working out the kinks.

Check back and I’ll provide an update. 

Face Your Inner Monster to Find Your Ideal Job

BeKnown Using FaceBook for Monster Jobs

If you’re a FaceBook lover and use it to professionally “network” then you NEED Monster’s BeKnown. With it you can...

  • separate “social” friends from “professional” ones with ease,
  • earn badges (showcase your talents) in a more professional manner,
  • get a personal URL (website) to put on top of your resume,
  • get others to recommend you,
  • and even connect with professionals in your industry from outside your FaceBook friends.

To me, I prefer LinkedIn which is a much more respected and professional App but some people just don’t get LinkedIn and prefer “Liking” their way around FaceBook thinking they’re networking.  Well, with BeKnown this is the professional way to do it.

So “Like” the App if you’re a FaceBook networker.

If you’re a LinkedIn user...a real “user” not just someone with a profile they never manage or log on to network...then stick with LinkedIn.

(Update: Check out the Monster BeKnown Review article here.)

Monster iPhone

Monster's iPhone app is ok.

You can do most things you can in their website--including a Monster job search. My biggest beef is that you have to have a Monster account (unlike SimplyHired) and be logged into it to use most of the features.

Be sure to check out the magical tidbit to create magic using your Smartphone.

In a Nutshell...

A Monster job search is just one of the many things you can do at Use their Career Mapping to find the path to your next job, network on FaceBook using their BeKnown app or research things like Technology Jobs Outlook, Top Ten Hiring Hot Spots for the Coming Year or Tips to Ace Your IT Interview.

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