A Monster BeKnown Review: A Cute App to Reach Jobs in Monster

In writing my Monster BeKnown reviewwanted to like the BeKnown app but I struggled to see the benefit of using it over FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Let's get one thing straight: If you're looking to keep your job search private then the Monster BeKnown app is not for you.

The gist behind the app is to build a network of connections to help you find a job. That's all well and good: We all know one needs a network in order to find the right job. I just don't like to be so blatant about it, as Monster suggests.

In contrast to BeKnown, sites like LinkedIn allow you to find really good industry knowledge without screaming from the roof top that you might be looking for a job. Also, the Proven app allows you to sign up without connecting to FaceBook and publicizing to all my friends and family.

Do You Want a Badge or a Chest to Pin It On?

The more you network with BeKnown the more badges you earn.

In writing my Monster BeKnown review I earned a handful of badges. I became a "rookie", was deemed "loyal"for what I do not knowand am even considered "dedicated" and "established".

I'm honored...but really?

I suppose some people are motivated by earning little badges. If so, Monster's reward system might be just the thing to help you find that job.

It's Not All Bad

True: Monster does have a great pool of jobs from which to search.

Monster Worldwide is considered one of the leaders in the job search field. But with so many options out there for the mobile usersincluding aggregators that use Monster Jobs plus a other job banksI'm reluctant to advise my readers to use this one source.

In short, certainly don't exclude Monster but don't limit yourself to them either. And if you're into cute little bumblebees sending you badges for all your good than it might be for you.

The BeKnown app is cute, slick and easy to use.

If you want to shout out to all your friends, family and colleagues in order to get noticed, go for it!

Alternatively, Monster has another app that is much simpler. I prefer that over for an upcoming and more positive Monster BeKnown review.

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