JobsInMe: Find the job in You!

The first time I saw the JobsinME website, I thought, 'What a great name for a self-development site about careers!' I quickly realized the ME in was the abbreviation for Maine and that the site was specifically for finding work in that great state.

Oh well...

If you're looking for work in Maine, I have to say, the website is quite robust. Check out some of my local job search tips to learn more on leveraging this site to find work specifically in Maine.

Rocky Outcrop in Maine

Looking for Work in Maine?

Rick Hiking in Maine

That being said.

Whether you're in Portland, Bar Harbor, Camden, Bangor or Bridgton these other Maine job resources are invaluable:

  • Bangor Daily News
  • Maine Medical Center

Unusual Job Search Tips for Maine

A lobster boat...a hiker climbing Cadillac Mountain...waves crashing along a rocky outcrop along Marginal Way in Ogunquit...

These are all quintessential images of life in Maine. Simple. The way life should be.

Sometimes running the rat race we get lost. Simplicity is a nice way of doing more with less.

That great JobinME self-development concept I mentioned earlier. Might go something like this...

A Great Exercise to Find the Job in You

Take 5-10 minutes to write out a list of ways you can pay forward the good in your life. This could be giving money, spending time with the elderly; or as simple as holding the door open for a stranger or sending positive thoughts to someone that is ill.

Why do this?

"Giving seems a strange way of finding a job," you might say.

But what you'll learn is that helping others is the key to a successful it a waiter at Primo or a systems analyst for TD have to give to get.

"You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you."

— Dale Carnegie: was an American self-improvement writer and lecturer

Check out my other local job search tips for JobsinME material. They will help keep you sharp and focused in your quest to find a job.

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