Three Magic Job Search Tips and Resources to Help You Find a Job

Here are some job search tips and resources to help make some magic in your world. Getting a job--whether it’s the job for right now or your dream job--shouldn't be all that hard but sometimes we’re just our own worst enemy. 

Take in, practice and come back to these now and again to really hone your job search skills.

1. Make Rejection Equal Success

Rejection is just par for the course when it comes to trying to accomplish any goal. When you've sent out dozens, even hundreds, of cover letters and resumes and you only have a pile of rejection notices to speak of, it’s very difficult to stay chipper.

I understand. (Try publishing a book!)

But we all know that especially during the depths of our despair it’s important to keep our minds focused on what we want--that way we are like a magnet pulling in the magic of the universe, attracting more of the good. 

Rejection can hurt, and some sorry-not-quites more than others. Take for instance that highly coveted role you felt you were just perfect for...even the interview went swimmingly! Ouch! Here’s how to lessen the pain of rejection and turn it to your advantage.

Examine why you feel this way. Was there a lot of time invested? For instance, multiple interviews, lots of what you felt was positive talk about you assuming the role. Some rejections are just not worth the email pixels they’re illuminated upon. Don’t waste an ounce of time worrying about those.

Here a few pain lessening tools you can use to spin your rejections into gold...

  • Take note of what others are doing that are landing the jobs and model them.
  • Stay in touch with the recruiter that got you so close--there may be other opportunities that you’re perfect for.
  • Remember that it takes many, many strikes to hit a homerun; you’re that much closer to getting a better deal.
  • You can’t control everything but you can control some things--spend time improving your skills, reworking your cover letter, polishing your resume, learning about pivot tables (for you Excel-wannabes) or research creating a part-time web business.

Through it all remember, rejection means getting the job! It’s part and parcel of the process. Does it hurt? Of course, but turn it around and make it useful.

2. Interact with Others in LinkedIn’s Professional Groups

Got a little down time? The heck with checking out your cousin’s vacation pics on FaceBook or watching reruns of 30 Rock. Better yourself by reading and commenting on posts within LinkedIn group forums related to your (intended) profession. 

They’re free. There is no excuse! It’s networking from the comfort of your home. Groups in themselves provide excellent job search tips and resources.

3. Get 1% Better in Less Than 1 Minute

We can't all be gurus with Microsoft Excel or performing complex math in our head but we can at least get 1% better at these things.

Spend one minute learning a new formula in Excel...reading up on using whom versus who...or brushing up on the twelve’s multiplication tables (always hated those).  Keep it simple. Make it achievable...something you can feel good about when you’re done.

So there you have it. Three magic job search tips and resources to help you find a job.

Oh no wait...there’s one more job search tip I figured I’d add in...

Bonus: Promote the Work of Others

While finding a job for yourself certainly involves a level of self-promotion, in an odd kind of way we can often find our own success in helping others. 

Most of us know someone else looking for a job. Sometimes taking a different perspective--being the job agent for another--can not only do good that person but can benefit your own job search. The universe has a funny way of reward the do-gooder.

But don’t do it to get the good karma. Do it out of a genuine interest in helping that person. It makes a world of difference. That’s when real magic happens!

You could also help out a recruiter by pointing him or her to person you know might be qualified. 

Excellent! So now you have not three but four job search tips and resources to help you land that magic job.

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