How to Make Your Job Search Mobile: 5 Apps to Help You Find a Job

Job Search Mobile: Top Five Apps

Making your job search mobile has many benefits. It can...

  • Keep your job search private;
  • Help you apply to jobs faster than more traditional ways;
  • Make wait times more productive (multi-task while you’re waiting for the dentist);
  • and find you a job much quicker.

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Even some companies are customizing their websites for applicants to apply via mobile phone.

Five Apps to Use in Your Next Job Search

These apps are essential to anyone making their job search mobile:

  1. Use Proven to find "proven" jobs.
  2. Super-size it with CareerBuilder.
  3. Network like a professional with LinkedIn
  4. Friend and network with FaceBook.
  5. Tweet and socialize with Twitter.

Networking is key! That's why 3 out of 5 of the apps above are about socializing in order to make go mobile. Finding the job is only half the battle.

Most of the job search apps like SimplyHired, Monster, Proven, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder allow you to receive alerts, set up and save resumes and cover letters and search from a large bank of jobs. Some do it better than others.

Some apps use just their own database of jobs; others use an aggregate from many sources—allowing you to search many at one time.

(Check out the free job posting sites article for additional information on making your job search mobile.)

Not all is mobile...yet!  With some job search functionality you might be better off going non-mobile and use your PC/laptop.

As SmartPhone usage is relatively new—within the last few years—some sites have less functionality than their full site versions. Or worse yet they are a pain to navigate on your phone's little window.

However, sites like Proven—with its Craigslist and SimplyHired database—and CareerBuilder are good, solid tools.

Note: For researching companies and careers, you might want to go back to your PC/laptop. Take notes. After all, this find a job can be a full-time job itself. Also, creating a resume and cover letter on a tiny keyboard can be a chore. 

In Summary...You're In Control of Your Job Search

(For information about the best job search engines, click here.  Or to get Proven jobs, click here.)

First step, get a SmartPhone. (OK, I had to say it!)

Got one? Know the job you want? Or are you looking for something new?

If you know the job you want, start with Proven and LinkedIn and search for your title and any variations (e.g. Business Analyst vs. Business Systems Analyst). And set up job alerts, resumes and cover letters.

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? (Welcome to the club!) If so, do some career research (probably on your PC/laptop) then go job search mobile!

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