Three Magic(k) Steps—JOB LOCAL SEARCH—to a Fulfilling Career

Job local search...three words to manifest magic for your local job search. Why in this order? Read on.

  1. Make your search your JOB
  2. Keep it LOCAL...look in all the hidden places
  3. And SEARCH smart

When it comes to finding the right job you need to make it your JOB...your priority. Obviously this is especially important if you don’t already have a job.

Like real estate, when it comes to finding a job finding a job is a lot about location. Sure you need to find the right house too but where do you start? Locally.

But where, aside from the Internet might one look?

Here are a few places you may not have thought about when searching for jobs in your community.

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • CraigsList
  • Best Job Search Engines
  • Classifieds in daily/local newspapers
  • Business journals
  • Network (events, online social media)
  • Yellow pages for career counselors
  • Placement agents (temporary and permanent)
  • Local library
  • Local community college

Running Job Searches on the Internet

When you’re working with the Internet the same order holds: Job Local Search. 

Sometimes it takes a little "job local search" creativity to have Google or Bing come up with right job(s) for you, in the right town. 

Try these searches, substituting the name of your town (or place you want to work), plus the key word in bold. You can also put in the job title in which you're seeking.

Step 1: Make it Your Job

Maybe it’s just an assignment for the day...for the hour. But focus! Carve some time out away from the kids, television, FaceBook and other distractions. And commit to really searching!

Step 2: Find a Good Local Job Search Engine

While you could check out the top job search engines, often times it helps to start from scratch.

For the searches below, open up your favorite browser (like Google or Bing) and type in some—or each— of the following. Note use the quotation marks as shown.

  • Your town + "job board" (e.g. Ann Arbor Job Board)
  • Your town + "job opening"
  • Your town + "job placement service"
  • Your town + employment
  • Your town + "permanent placement agency"
  • Your town + "open position" + Your dream job (e.g. Boston "open position" machinist)
  • Your town + "job opening" + Your dream job

You never know what type of results step 1 will bring back. You may find a company's website that launches a PDF of a job opening that they have yet to advertise or is not in the major job search engines.

Step 3: Run Searches within Your Local Job Search Engines

Once you've located some good local job search engines, try entering the following queries into their specific search tool. Of course you can always use my recommended job search engines as well but sometimes, in step 1, you'll find a few really good local-only sites—like a weekly newspaper or business journal that you hadn't thought of.

  • Your dream job + Your town

Bonus: Job Search Tips

Also use variations of your dream job’s title. If the job you’re looking for is senior business systems analyst trying just putting in business analyst or systems analyst or senior analyst.

You may have to weed through some jobs that aren’t really right for you but that’s okay because in Step 1 we made this your job.

Also, when it comes to location, you'll definitely get more results in bigger cities. In Step 2, if you're not getting the results you want in your hometown, enter the next biggest city near you. You might be surprised: some companies may put that the job is in Boston—to attract as many candidates as possible—but if you read the details it’s really in their Lynn office.

So, remember when it comes to jobs...job local search.  Be creative. Create magic.

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