So You Want to Work in HR but Not Sure Where to Best Start Your Human Resources Job Search...

Human Resources Job Search - Carnegie Quote

For their own (personal) human resources job search, a lot of HR professionals use the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

Being affiliated with this human resource professional organization can not only help you find a job but...

...can also give your resume a little extra boost.

…and is a great networking tool.

If you're company is not a member of SHRM here are some of benefits you can use to convince your boss:

  • Keeps you up to date on the laws and regulation within the job market
  • Provides salary data and benchmarking
  • Gives policies and procedures you can use for your organization
  • Offers help on background checks
  • Suggests ways to help reduce employee absenteeism
  • Offers sample interview questions
  • Gives sample job descriptions to leverage for job postings

There are also memberships for students and individuals. The small price might just be worth it.

Use this Little Known Search Engine to Find HR Work

If you can’t afford the cost of a membership, non-members can still search for jobs and create job alerts on the SHRM website.

  • SHRM Job searches - organizations looking to fill their HR jobs will often post openings here.
  • SHRM Job Alerts - the right human resource job might not be there today but tomorrow is a different story. Create an alert to notify you of positions that are to your liking.

This Simple, Yet Effective Technique Can Make All The Difference...

When it comes to finding a job--specifically when you are conducting a human resources job search--think, What's in it for them?

“Who is the them?” you might ask.

The "them" would be the hiring managers and employers.

Let go of trying to find a job right for you and focus on what you can give to help others.

"Huh? What? Have you lost your marbles?" you’re probably saying.  But, you want to know the secret of job search success? 

When it comes to finding career success, it's not about you!

It's about what you can do for others. It may seem counter intuitive. But, it's true.

Think about it.

I’m not talking about charity work or working for little money. Not at all! What I’m talking about is a small mind shift that takes the focus off you, looking to find a job, and instead places it what you can do for the organization you’re applying to.

This simple, effective mindset can bring immediate results to your job search!

When conducting any search, particularly a human resources job search because the goal is to help do the right thing -- for both the person and the organization -- it's important to take your wants and desires out of the picture!

As the Buddhists say, “Desire is suffering.” Let go of your wants and like magic they'll appear.

Other Human Resources Job Search Engines

Some other good places to look to fulfill your mission of helping individuals and organizations with their needs for employment are...


There’s also consulting...

A Unique Way of Getting into Human Resource Work

If you haven’t yet found right human resource job and have some decent HR experience. Trying doing a human resource job search for an HR Consultant. US News recently listed HR Consultants as one of the best paying jobs in America -- with a 21% job growth in the next ten years.

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