Free Job Posting Sites: The 411 on Finding a Job

Nowadays you don't even have to buy a newspaper to find work. Free job posting sites are all over the Internet. Some good. Some not so.

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Focus on the Best Sites for Your Job Search

Some of the best job search sites are good for networking, while others are best for actual job postings. 

Then there is which gives you great free, information about them all, including tips on bettering yourself, creating skills...and then some!


Find anything from one day's worth of work...if that's all you need right a full-time career. is a quick and easy way for people looking to hire to post a job, making it the # 1 free job posting site.


Facebook? Yes, Facebook. 



In short, use your Facebook profile for more than just playing Words with Friends or sharing that cute kitten video--network and let people know you're looking for work. This is probably best done by private messaging but you can't deny that social media is a great way to find a job. 

Speaking of which...


If you are a professional, LinkedIn is a must. FaceBook might let you know if Uncle Walter's buddy is hiring at the local bait and tackle but LinkedIn gives you access to top players. Not to sound snotty but it's the Mercedes-Benz of networking. And it's free.

Use it! Don’t know how. Learn. It's fairly simple. There’s a whole ocean out there.

How to Run the Best Job Search

There are other free job posting sites that are more traditional in the Internet space. Here, there are job posting sites, like CareerBuilder and Monster. Then there are job aggregators like SimplyHired and the mobile app

The difference?

Job Search Engines

Included here are sites like Monster or jobs found here are only for that site.

Also, some sites charge a fee to the employer to post a job. Since they're charging a fee one could argue that the quality of the job postings and the types of companies are better. One could argue.

Job Search Aggregators really simple iPhone app--and others like SimplyHired take listings from all over the Internet (including Craigslist and Monster) and provide them to you in a clean, quick and easy interface. 

With a few clicks, you can get daily or weekly emails sent to you with links to postings in your industry and in your town. has a simple click-and-send-your-résumé option to make applying for a job a snap.

These free job posting sites are really handy!

Additional Job-Related Services

In Summary

The world of job search has changed. To find a job today you most likely will use social media, the Internet and networking. No more needing to buy much--certainly not a newspaper--to find a job.

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