First Day on Job Boss Died!

by Not a Waitress
(Sioux Falls, SD)

Okay, maybe this isn't really all that funny but...

Right out of high school, I interviewed and "got" this job waiting tables at a trendy restaurant nearby. I was excited about it because the tips were supposed to be really good.

Well, the guy I interviewed with was very nice. He hired me on the spot, told me to bring my license and birth certificate the next day and I could start immediately. I didn't fill out anything! Just talked.

The next day I showed up, just before they opened. An ambulance was out front. They were taking someone (him I would later find) out on a stretcher. I went inside and they told me they weren't going to open. It was chaotic as you can imagine so I left.

I went back the next day and they said they weren't hiring. He had passed and had never told anyone about me.

It all worked out though. I ended up getting an office job that I loved and stayed at for five years.

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