Your Intuitive Job Search  Find the Right Job

Here are some easy things you can do to find the right job or realize the right career using your intuition as a guide.

1. Write Down a Dream List to Find the Right Job

Deep down, we know what’s right for us. Without giving it too much thought...

  • Write what comes to mind.
  • Create a list of the jobs you’d love to have. Don’t overthink it. Just go with it. No one else needs to see it.
  • Imagine yourself living the life you desire. What do you do? How do you live?

2. Don’t Think Too Hard

A lot of us spend too much time in our heads. We worry about choosing the right career or paying the bills. Instead, drop the awareness (that thought) into your gut. Feel your internal center—your core, solar plexus, gut or heart. Live from there. 

  • What “feels” right?
  • When you think of a certain job, does it give you sick feeling? A tingly good sensation? Don’t over analyze it. Feel it.
  • Ask for guidance, and listen to what your intuition (your internal core) has to say or makes you feel.

3.Check In Regularly with Yourself (At Your Core)

Many times throughout the day, we'll lose sight of what's truly important and get wrapped up into the details. Next thing you know anxiety reigns.

Take time to check in with your core and take note of what it's telling you.

  • Take a deep, slow breathe.
  • Relax. Note any tense areas of your body. As you breathe in, focus on those tight spots and as you exhale, let the strain go away.
  • Connect to your core. What do you feel it's telling you?

If you get into a regular habit of taking time to check in with your inner guidance, you'll find the answers to your questions.

4. Trust Yourself

Imagine that 100% of the time what you intuitively feel is right. When centered, ask yourself, "What do I need to know right now?"

Don't be overwhelmed by the impressions and answers you receive. Your intuition will never cause you harm.

5. Don’t “Do” Anything

Get into that center described in step 2 above. Feel your center of being. This is where intuition communicates. Trust it. You’ll feel alive and empowered moving with it. Follow it.

Then Follow Your Core

If you’re in a bad job or a situation you want out of, don’t immediately decide to change it, unless your gut gives you a strong indication to do so. Instead, feel your core...from the inside. Tell it what you feel, your concerns. Then turn it over to your intuition. Allow it to show you the way, step by step. 

Ask and you shall receive. For more information on following your intuition to find the right job and more, visit Shakti Gawain's site.

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