Find a Job USA - Coming to America

Are looking to find a job USA style?

"USA style? What is that?" you might ask.

Well, there's a certain idea—be it right or wrong—about working in the United States of America: People come here to make their dreams come true. And while it’s certainly possible, it is competitive. You’ll need experience and/or education. But, most of all you'll determination and drive in order to make succeed.

What you may lack in experience or education, you can make in passion and energy. 

Hard workers are rewarded the most.

The Secret to Making It in the USA

Passion goes along way!

Hiring managers will tell you, "You can’t train someone to be passionate about their job." Companies know that. The more enthusiasm you have, the more likely you are to succeed.

So, let's bring that energy and help you find a job USA like. After all, your skills help US.

Find a Job USA - Laborer

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Why the USA Needs You


Focus on the needs of your prospective boss. While you may need a job, hiring managers want to know how you can make a difference for them. What can you bring to America? How can you help the company for which you want to work grow?

Perhaps you are you from Romania, the Netherlands, Europe or Asia and you want to come to the United States for work. You've heard about the American dream and want to make it come true for you and/or your family.

Good news...

We want you! Your passion, your desire fuels the creative spirit and makes our country stronger and more competitive.

Americans are a competitive bunch. And while some Americans citizens are still searching for work after being hit by one of the largest financial crises since the Great Depression, that doesn't mean there isn't a place for you.

There are plenty of companies that want and will hire your talent. You can find a job in USA organizations.

Where to Find a Job USA Style

Simple Steps to Getting a Job in the United States

Learn how the USA job search process works by using this helpful infographic. Click here to learn more.

Resources you should check out when looking for work are...

To learn more about a USA Job Search consult

Once you've found a job, getting your visa is the next step.

After you find a job that works it is time to get your work visa. Many companies will help you through this process.

Click here for help with getting a Working Visa.

Find a Job USA - Work Site

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What to Expect in America's Work Force

While speaking and writing fluent English isn't required, it makes a big difference. Foreigners who speak and write well tend to get higher paying jobs. (Same is true for Americans by the way.)

What kind of work can you expect to get?

Some of the more common jobs for students and others with little experience coming to the USA include being a...

  • Nanny
  • Lifeguard
  • Laborer
  • Restaurant help
  • Landscape worker
  • Cleaning help
Find a Job USA - Research

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If you have an education, it’s even better. The universities, hospitals and businesses will  be more than willing to hire you. If your fluent in English, all the better.

Common jobs for educated foreigners are almost limitless. Be a...

  • Research assistant
  • Software developer
  • Project manager
  • Engineer
  • Chemist
  • and more!

Of utmost importance, to find a job USA style, you need passion. A strong determination and having an easy-to-work-with demeanor can make your dreams come true. While education and experience are important it’s not always necessary.

Remember: Instead of looking for how to find a job, think about the hiring manager/company’s needs. What strengths can you bring to America?

Click here for the three success factors that no one else will tell you about—the unspoken truths about finding work in the USA.

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