FREE, Easy Cover Letter:
Learn the #1 Strategy to Get Interviews and a Better Paying Job

Are you frustrated in trying to craft an easy cover letter? You know you need to include something along with your resume. But, writing’s just not your best skill.

Your Easy Cover Letter

FindaJob411’s cover letter template will help you maximize your chances of getting an interview by giving your application a professional touch. You'll get a cover letter template that's simple to use, and you can use time and time again.

Discover What Employers Think About Cover Letters

According to a survey done by the Washington Post, 75% of responding employers agreed that a well-written cover letter increases the chances of a lesser-qualified job applicant being called for an interview.

Additionally, those applicants that are qualified may stand a better chance of scoring the job when having a cover letter that raises them above all the other candidates.

When asked to provide a cover letter, a professionally crafted one—customized for you and the job—is essential. New York State’s Department of Labor says, “the first twenty words [of a cover letter] are the most important.”

53% percent of employers state that physical resumes with cover letters are preferred over those without one.

- Washington Post Survey

So, you've determined you need a cover letter. Now what?

Perhaps you have searched the Internet for cover letter templates—or cover letter samples—but the leading sites want to charge you for creating a so-called, easy cover letter.

Not at

Or, perhaps your search brought you to a confusing site. You spent too much time clicking and clicking through pages and pages. Only to find a confusing bunch of samples… none of which allow you to simply copy and paste into your favorite word processor.

FindaJob411 Offers a FREE Easy-to-Use Cover Letter Template

With FindaJob411’s easy cover letter sample, you’ll get a ready-to-use cover letter sent right to your inbox—completely FREE of charge.

Yes, 100% free.

You’ll get your customizable, FREE easy cover letter template… and then some!

FindaJob411’s template is easier to use than those complicated web forms. Some of those sites charge you up to $15 before they’ll send you a copy of what you wrote!

FindaJob411’s template is free. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get...

  • A Microsoft Word one-page letter, compatible to your computer, tablet or phone. Whether you use Word 97, Word 2000, Word2010 and greater, you’ll get a template for each version.
  • A text version of the letter. No need to fuss with fancy formatting. You can copy and paste into any employer’s web form—no need to upload a file.
  • Easy instructions. Even if you’re not that great with computers, you’ll be able to create a professional cover letter to help land you that interview.
  • Immediate access! No need to wait. Enter your email here and you’ll have a cover letter in your inbox for use right now. Or to save for future use...or reuse.

Click here now to receive a FREE cover letter for you. Plus more!

You’ll also receive a FREE subscription to the FindaJob411 newsletter. This newsletter will give you...

  • Updates for new cover letter templates as they’re added to FindaJob411 database
  • Access to resume templates
  • Tips and resources to help you find a job—that only the insiders know
  • Tools to teach you how to best increase your chances for success in the workplace, once you do find a job—or get better one
  • Prepare you for a promotion or advancement
  • Forms to track your performance so that you get the best raises possible
  • Information on how to get your boss to do what you want—priceless!
  • Guidance on how to do less work but be more effective—you would never think this would work but the best leaders do it
  • Suggestions on how to get the best work assignments from your supervisor
  • Ways to maximize the money you can make when both applying for a job and when negotiating a raise

Even if you’re not the best with spelling, grammar and getting across, in writing, all your good qualities, FindaJob411 will help you shine.

FindaJob411 is there for you now—while you’re seeking a new job—and also there to prepare you for that next job.

That better paying job could be just around the corner.

Click here. Enter your name and email and you’ll receive your FREE easy cover letter templates PLUS a FREE subscription to the FindaJob411 newsletter. You’ll discover how to maximize the money you make on the job today and tomorrow.

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