Use Resume Templates to Do the Heavy Lifting,  Create Resume Magick and Find a Job

Create resume magic (or as the true magicians say magick)!

I understand the impulse to find the best resume templates on the market and just change a word here or there to try and make it your own. I hate to tell you that’s not always the best approach.

What is?

Use a great resume template, look at a few good samples and examples, and truly personalize it to make it your own resume - one that shines!

Don’t be scared off. I'm going to help you...and make making your resume a cinch!

So let's create resume magic!

You'll tweak here and there, but all along being sure to pay attention to detail. The last thing you want is to come off as is a carbon copy of someone else. That won’t speak well of you.

So, let me help you with building an excellent resume. After all, it’s utmost important we show you off in the right light.

Resume Problems?

  • Changing fields but lack the experience?
  • Degree not relevant to your ideal job?
  • Gaps?
  • Too much job-hopping?

Check out six ways to fix your resume.

You’re Ready to Go for that Job but You Need a Resume

And not just any resume...but a good one! Excellent for that matter!

First off, a good resume template should have the following sections:

  • Contact Info
  • Objective/Goal (or power statement)
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

Keep it simple. More isn’t always better.

With a good resume template, you just need to add your own info and and make it personal.

Also use a good resume sample--filled with good “examples” in practice--as a starting point. But don’t lift too much. Remember, we want you to stand be unique.

Easier said than done? Let’s get going! We'll highlight your skills and experience to get you that job!

What about the magick?

Creating your resume is just one of many steps toward creating a life worth living.

I like to combine magick with reality. While it's important to have the right attitude, think the right thoughts and maintain a sense of selflessness during your search to find a the end of the day you need to have a resume. The basic principles here apply whether you're creating a resume for online (like LinkedIn or Monster) or needing a paper version.

There's work to be done! While it would be nice to crinkle your nose like Bewitched--and create resume magick--jotting down your experience and summarizing your skills is the only way to a great resume.

"Should I keyword stuff my resume?"

Most companies use a database to help find their candidates. (That's their own way to create resume magic.)

How do they do that? By using specific words - usually skills and job titles - to search against a bank of electronic resumes of which yours will soon be in.

Your resume must include the keywords the recruiter is entering in order for them to even consider you for the job.

When you find a job you’re interested in carefully read through the job qualifications and jot down the keywords that are used in the posting.

For example, if the recruiter has listed an administrative assistant position and is looking for, “good communication skills, knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel and experience in the medical field.” Be sure that those keywords are sprinkled throughout your resume.

That is...if you do indeed have those skills and that experience!

Your resume must be a true, honest reflection of you. It never pays to be dishonest.

"But I thought a good resume writer stretches the truth?" you might ask.

I agree there's a bit of a misconception and somewhat of a grey line between over boosting and making yourself shine. If you have any doubt, I can point you in the right direction.

"Paper resumes...are they really a thing of the past?"

Call me old fashioned but in this day and age of high-tech stuff--including email, mobile apps and the Internet--you of course have to have an electronic version of your resume. But for me, while I like having access to email on my iPhone and saving postage with electronic banking, I still enjoy going to the mailbox and getting some real “snail” mail.

A crisp, clean paper resume and cover letter can go a long way.

A great resume template should provide you the information for both a good paper resume and an outstanding electronic one.

"Should I Hire a Resume Writer?"

Of course you can always get a resume writer to do the work for you. Some are pretty economical. Letting a pro craft your resume for you can sometimes be the best bet...and pay for itself in spades.

But for this lesson, let’s assume you want to make your own resume...

Check out resume templates, samples and examples for further information. And create resume magic!

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