A tale of stardom, magic, friendship and classic rock.
A novel by Rick Bettencourt

Summerwind: Could It Be Magick is a completed 84,000-word mainstream novel about Carolyn Sohier, a singer and actress struggling to make it big and her journey to become what she was meant to be.

Carolyn’s world falls apart one night while performing at the 1999 Van Buren Awards. Memories of a night back in 1980—a secret she and her best friend Michael share yet hardly speak of—continue to trouble Carolyn and hold her back from becoming the star she set out to be as a child. After Carolyn’s manager abandons her, she enlists Michael’s help in getting her through a farcical occult movie being filmed near their hometown. Once home, she teams up with two bumbling witches, a foul-mouthed maid, and a widow from a remote island off the coast of Maine who, along with Michael's help, show her there’s more to life than a Hollywood career.

Carolyn and Michael are holding on to the trauma that has troubled them since that night, back in their teens, when all that should have mattered was seeing Norma Rae, figuring out if Sally Field really could beat out Bette Midler for Best Actress of 1979 and wondering if Aerosmith’s music would ever become classic rock. Fat girls get picked on but not that much. Gay teenage boys lust after the football players but haven’t done the high school quarterback. A widow from Summerwind Island and a pair of blundering Salem witches shouldn't change the course of a star. Everyone should be able to create real magick.

Summerwind: Could It Be Magick is a funny yet tender novel that combines the Barbary Lane-like characters of Armistead Maupin with the witty dialogue of Augusten Burroughs. I have written it with the diva-loving, Bewitched-watching, Brunonia Barry-reading audience in mind.

Summerwind: Could It Be Magick is for anyone who has ever tried to create their own destiny and stumbled along the way.

As a gay man living in Salem and a former “aspiring” actor, I am familiar with this audience. My writing has appeared in sources such as the Front Porch Review, Writer’s Digest: Your Story contest and Bay Windows. I am currently working on the next Summerwind novel, marketing several short stories and expanding my web presence and platform.


Rick Bettencourt

Accepting Agent Inquiries

Rick is current accepting inquiries from literary agents. If you wish for more information please contact Rick by sending him an email by clicking here.

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