Art Jobs Los Angeles has to Send You to the Stars

Want to find a job in the arts? Aside from the more competitive art jobs Los Angeles is typically known for (say actors, actresses), this article highlights some of the lesser known, art-related opportunities that are available today and gives you advice on how to "persuade" your way to the top, even for some of the tough jobs to get.

A couple of ground rules before we get started:

Rule #1: Arts are thriving with opportunities. They need your help! Badly!


Art Jobs Los Angeles

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Rule #2: In the arts, it's all about the person buying the ticket, purchasing the work of art, seeing the film. Success in the arts is not about the star or the theatre executives.

With so many choices to entertain today’s audiences, some arts are dying. It takes connecting the message of the show to wants and needs of a new audience. 

But all is not lost. That's where you come in.

With the right people you can make a difference in today's art scene. They’re dying for you!

Set the Trends for Art Jobs Los Angeles

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Art Job Resources

Finding Los Angeles art jobs can be found in some of the traditional search engines (see our related best job search engines article) but here are some job search engines and pages that are specific to the arts in California:

How You Can Change the Los Angeles Art Scene

The art jobs Los Angeles has in marketing need to change their tune. (That also goes for other areas of the country too.)

Gone are the days of “promoting” and “enticing”.

People need to know why they should attend theatre, for instance. The new world of marketing art will be out persuading.

As Trevor O'Donnell states in his book: 

Marketing the Arts to Death: How Lazy Language is Killing Culture

We’re pushing younger audiences away by promoting the stuffiness and exclusivity of highbrow arts. We should be just catering to the season-ticket holders.

OLD WORLD AD: "Come celebrate an evening of ______ where you'll experience the magic of ______. Celebrate this dazzling ______ in ____'s madcap comedy..."

This type of copywriting does nothing to convince anyone other than the veteran theatre lovers—certainly not the millenials and Gen-Xers—to take out their credit card and order tickets.

Art Jobs Los Angeles

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That's where you come in. You can be a refreshing change.


Focus on the targeted audience’s needs and wants. Base your campaigns on hard facts and not for making the executive feel good when he sees his ad splashed across the Los Angeles Times showing a bunch of highbrow folk in tuxedos and evening gowns.

You Belong in the Arts

For your art job, focus on your targeted audience’s wants and needs. Market yourself in the same manner you would in “persuading” theatergoers to buy that unsold ticket. The art jobs Los Angeles has to offer depend on you!

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