Alabama Job Search Techniques to Help You Find a Job (or Get a Better One)

"Sweet home Alabama! My Alabama job search is coming home to you."

I’m sure you've heard that song a million times, especially. But, not my corny version of it.

Okay, enough of the hokeyness and let’s get to it.

I thought I'd start by explaining the approach to this job search aid.

Here you will find information busted out into a couple of categories.

  1. A list of the top AL job search engines.
  2. A listing of the top employers in Alabama.

The goal of each topic is to help you with your job search, be it in Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery and anywhere in between. (Or even outside looking in!)

Best Alabama Job Search Engines

When it comes to looking for work in Alabama, the some of the best places to look I’ve found to be here:

  • The Alabama joblink - has jobs all over Alabama.
  • - is perfect if you’re looking towork for the state of Alabama.
  • - is not only a good news source for all that’s going in Alabama but there is a job search page that is fairly robust.

Take a look through the above job search aids, then come back here to continue on.

Next up we’ll be discussing some of the top Alabama employers...

Top Alabama Employers

In 2011, the Birmingham Business Journal (link) created a list of the top employers in the state of Alabama.

If you’re familiar with Alabama you know the area has a lot of military sites. So, it’s not surprising that a lot of the top employers are specific posts and bases for the Army, the Air Force etc.

I’ve gone ahead and listed Birmingham Business Journal’s results but added links to the job pages for the organizations.

  1. Redstone Arsenal is a United States Army post and employs about 25,000. It is in northern Alabama and has been the heart of the Army's rocket and missile programs.
  2. University of Alabama at Birmingham (and the UAB Hospital) is a world-renowned research university and medical center employing about 19,000.
  3. Maxwell Airforce Base is a United States Air Force base employing about 12,000 people.
  4. The State of Alabama employs about 9,500 people.
  5. The Mobile County School System employs about 8,100 people.

Though, the top isn't always the best...

Don't Find Your Area or an Alabama Job that's Right For You?

Just because an employer is not in the top employers for the state doesn’t mean they’re not good.

In fact, quite the contrary...

No Alabama job search should be without these several top places that are hiring:

Remember, it's not about the place so much as it is YOU being of value to the organization - focus on what's in it for them...not about what you can get. I know this can go against the grain of our beliefs. But it honestly works!

Also, be sure to try these other pages for your Alabama job search.

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