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Advertising Jobs Can Set theTrend

Advertising jobs and the ads that the people in these careers create build the brand for a company...and often pay well too!  Sales and marketing drive the economy of an organization and with it can make you some great money.

Do you want to get into advertising? Or maybe you’re just thinking about it.

Some jobs in advertising are fairly creative, while others are more sales oriented.

Where do you see yourself?

We Need You! There are Advertising Jobs Out There to Fit Your Style

Make It in Hollywood

Find out what advertisers and marketers do in LA to strike it rich! BECOME A STAR. Do you belong in the arts? They could certainly use you.

Be it magazine ads, radio spots, billboards, mailings, Internet pop-ups or television commercials, there are a variety of jobs in advertising.  Here are a few job titles that might be right for you...

  • Graphic Designers
  • Artworkers
  • Art Directors
  • New Media Designers
  • Web Designers
  • Digital Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Copywriters
  • Interior designers
  • Product designers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Account & Project Managers

Maybe you’ll make one of the best television commercials of next year!  Check out this 2012 top ten television commercial:

Do you think you've got something even better up your sleeve?

This is a good commercial but I think you've got something in you that could spark interest.

Jot it down!  Start creating!  Start writing...


taking pictures...

...or whatever your form of expression may be.  Do it!

Create your portfolio, if you haven’t already.

Create Your Spec Portfolio

When applying for most advertising work you’ll need to have a collection of your work (called your portfolio).  Don’t have experience?  That’s ok.  You can create things on spec (speculative or made up). These samples can show your creativity just as much as the real thing.

A Fun Resource to Get "Creative"

Another great resource for advertising is the Advertising Educational Foundation (or AEF).  The AEF is a non-profit organization that was started in 1983.  One of its goals is to enrich the understanding of advertising and its role in society by attracting the highest level of talent in the industry.

You’ll find their site to be a great resource in learning about both the future of the industry and its history.

Advertising Jobs

Do a little research and make yourself more attractive to those marketing agencies.

Best Places to Find Advertising Jobs

While you can use the Best Job Search Sites to find advertising jobs, some other sites that are more specific to Advertising and Marketing are as follows:

  • AdvertisingCrossing.com
  • MarketingJobs.com
  • MediaPost.com
  • MediaRecruiter.com
  • TalentZoo.com
  • ViewCreatives.com (UK)

Check them out and come back here to let me help you with your cover letters, your resume and even your portfolio.

Top Companies to Work for in Advertising

Want to work for one of the best advertising agencies in the United States?  I’ve gone ahead and researched  their job openings, which you’ll find at the links below. 

Keep in mind, some of these jobs may require a bit more experience. But don’t let that dissuade you.   Even if you don’t have the experience, it’s helpful to at least see what’s out there--and what’s required for working in some of these top, notch firms.

When you go ahead and apply to your local advertising agency you’ll be that much more prepared.

According to AdvertisingAge, the top five firms for 2012 are...

  1. Allen & Gerritsen
  2. Mr Youth
  3. Tris3ct
  4. Big Spaceship
  5. Eric Mower & Associates

Click on the links above to see positions opened at the these firms.

What’s Next?

Now that you’re a little more prepared for the world of advertising and marketing, perhaps you’ll want to check out some more advertising jobs.

Then come back here and let me help you with your cover letters, your resume and even your portfolio.

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