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My name is Rick and I started FindAJob411.com to help you find more out your career.

Like many people out there you might be feeling dissatisfied with the state of the "economy" and, like millions, have been unable to find a  job.

Or maybe you're like my client, Tracy, who has been underemployed for years doing something "beneath her," as she puts it.

I'm here to help you in two ways:

  • One to get you to find something to help you pay next month's rent, if that be the case. 
  • But more importantly, I'm here to help you create a life worth living so that you don't have to live paycheck to paycheck.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme. This site is about creating a discipline to become a better person and to be your own "boss" whether you're working for a large company or working from home in your jammies. : )

I'll help you build the life you know you deserve.

So click around, explore. And let's get started on making you the best there possible is.

The Business that Could Save Your Life

If you're curious about having a life in which you can earn a good living working on your own then check out Solo Build It, the resource I've used to build this site.

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