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The FindaJob411 Newsletter, Jan. 2014 -- Your Cover Letter Toolkit
January 17, 2014

Your Free Cover Letter Toolkit

If you struggled with writing cover letters, then you'll want to read this...

Easy Cover Letters

FindaJob411’s cover letter template will help you maximize your chances of getting an interview by giving your application a professional touch. You'll get a cover letter template that's simple to use, and you can use time and time again.

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Give Your Resume a Fighting Chance

You don't want your resume to end up in HR's recycling bin.

Don't make these mistakes...

Mistake 1: Being Cute with Your Email Name.

Having an unprofessional email makes you look amateur. For example, listing your hobbies as part of your email name just doesn't bode well for you. Try to find something available such as your first name DOT last name. If that's taken play around with the order, or perhaps add a middle initial. Gone are the days of CuddlyDogLover255 AT AOL dot com.

Mistake 2: Writing and Not Letting Someone Else Read.

Having a typo or grammatical error could get you right to the trash bin. Don't be lazy on this. And don't rely solely on Word's spellchecker. Some would argue its worse to use "their" instead of "there" than it is to have it blatantly spelled wrong. Get another opinion.

Mistake 3: Applying for Jobs Outside Your Skill Level.

Apply for jobs for which you qualify. If your just breaking in to the industry, maximize your skills and use your cover letter to express passion. Enthusiasm goes far in job searching.

Mistake 4: Being Long Winded in Your Letter/Resume.

Use a good resume template to help you keep your resume to one or two pages. While length isn't terrible important being succinct is. A great resource for writing a resume is Martin Darke's The 30-Second Impact Resume.

Darke's book is short and succinct itself. Plus it's loaded with real life examples you can use to create a killer resume.

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