How to Find a Job that Supports Your Creative Soul. 

Find the Dream Job Right for You....or the One Right for Now while You Pursue your Art.

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Welcome to FindaJob411, your resource to find a job that not only supports you financially—and then some!—but also helps you toward becoming the artist you long to be.

  • Actor?
  • Writer?
  • Painter?
  • Sculptor?
  • ...or maybe you're getting older and just want a change.

Are you longing to write that next great novel? But, need a good job to help you get by?

Earn a Six-Figure Income AND Write that Next Great Novel

Maybe you’re an actress who knows she needs to pound the pavement for a part in that next Spielberg movie, but needs the security of a decent job to do so.

Yeah, you don’t want to wait tables, or starve in the meantime.

Making it in the arts can be tough. You know that. I don’t need to tell you. But, one thing I can help you with is making money—EARNING A GOOD LIVING—in the meantime. 

Work, Be Yourself...Be Happy.

Do you…

  • Despise being a starving artist?
  • Long for a flexible schedule in order to make art your #1 priority?
  • Want a job that’s meaningful and creative?

Could $156,318 a Year Get You By?

This is where FindaJob411 comes in. My name is Rick, and I’ve been helping people find jobs for decades. Plus, I’m a best-selling author who has earned a six figure income while writing my own books.

I have the experience and the dedication to help you find a job…and not just any job.

Could you use $156,318 a year, or more, to get by while you write? Audition? Paint? Or Draw? That’s what I did. Was it easy? No, but I can give you the tips, tricks and know-how to get you there.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no-sure happy path to success. It takes hard work. But, you’re the creative type. You have the persistence to succeed.

FindaJob411 is going to help you get there.

Free Resources to Make You a Star

While other sites may charge for this material, FindaJob411 is COMPLETELY free. 


It’s my goal to help artists succeed. Period.

I think of it as my “pay it forward” gift to you.

Plus, I do get a few pennies here and there if you click on some of the links. FindaJob411 has been a tool to help me learn about marketing, business and website development. You can just sit back and reap the benefits.

You’ll find a job and prosper. Act now.

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FREE Guide to Fulfilling Your Artistic Dreams 

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One-Stop Shopping for All Your Career Needs

According to psychologist, David Ballard of the American Psychological Association, "While technology undoubtedly improves our lives, information overload can add to the stress levels of an already overworked nation."

If you're like me, there is just too much job search information out there. Well, look no further.

Imagine if the way to find a job—the RIGHT JOB—wasn't a confusing ball of wax.

Imagine finding the work you want, getting to work next week and taking home a ca-ching  of money to boot!  This can happen...all without having to suffer through work you hate or a painful process.

That’s what is different from the rest. How?

You can get job search know-how  a lot of places. But, Monster, CareerBuilder or even Google won't give you our unique blend of tapping into a universal energy source, coupled with down-to-earth job search information.  We'll give you advice and knowledge from over twenty years of finding good-paying work for ourselves, using these proven methodologies, and in helping others succeed.

It all starts with a belief in you and your capabilities. But, it's not hocus-pocus.

You are a result of your thoughts, feelings, your environment, and the energy you give off. You've heard the expression, "money goes to money" right?  It's true. We attract what we have and what we are. Are you attracting what you want?

As Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Starting thinking differently today!

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Sound good?

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How do you find a job

How to Find a Job Infographic

I'll Hold Your Hand (and a Virtual Magic Wand) to Help you Find A Job and Create That Next Great Opportunity

You DO have the talent and the abilities to create the life you want.  So, let’s get you some help in showing the world why you deserve it.

Click on the links below to...

You need the right  resources to help you find the right  job. Whether you're unemployed...looking for your first job...want to find the RIGHT job...or you just want to be an entrepreneur. will...

  • Give you solid job search advice and show you the magical power you already hold to make money doing what you love.
  • Provide you the right job search tools, an analysis of the best with a little good-fortuned voodoo to help.
  • And get you to find the right place to work, mixed in with a little good-natured hocus pocus.

This isn't a sales pitch. We have a genuine interest in helping you succeed and in making a job search website that's a cut above the rest. FindaJob411 is our way to help people you find a job---the RIGHT job, the RIGHT LIFE!

So, sign up for the free newsletter today! Bookmark us for a revisit! Subscribe today!

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